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1What is Infinite Cab?

Infinite cab is a taxi management software in response to the e- hailing cab culture. You can connect passengers to drivers around the world. Also, you can be at the realm of the business and manage the whole setup.

2How does Infinite Cab app work for passengers?

A new user should register and create an account on the Infinite Cab application. Registered users can log in to their account and request for a ride. View More details on Passenger App.

3How does Infinite Cab app work for drivers?

A registered driver can log in to infinite cab driver app and can see the passengers looking for a ride in their vicinity. They have the option to either accept or reject the ride request from a particular passenger. Visit Driver App for more details.

4What is the role of Admin web panel?

Admin web panel has the total control over the entire business. It controls the driver management passenger management, cab management, ewallet management, fare management, coupon management and surge management. Visit Admin panel for more.

5What are the reasons to choose infinite Cab?

Infinite Cab makes hailing taxis a much easier and fast process for the passengers. The booking is more comfortable, easy and convenient. The drivers can also get their business in a much faster pace. Unlimited cabs can be managed very easily by the admin with Infinite Cab.

6What are the benefits of using Infinite Cab taxi app?

We provide Referral program to earn reward points by suggesting the app, the point system is granted by admin for the finished trips and an option to generate the bonus. View more Benefits

7What is the basic pricing of Infinite Cab app?

For cloud version, basic cost is 14 USD that can be used free for 14 days. Check out Pricing to know more.

8Where can I get the demo for Infinite Cab?

Please try out the Taxi Dispatch Software Demo on our website before ordering the Infinite cab app. From our site, you can choose demo for passenger web panel, driver web panel or admin web panel.

9Do I have the option to cancel the booked trip?

Both driver and passenger can cancel a trip. When a driver cancels his trip, Passenger will receive a cancel message on his app. A passenger also can cancel the trip and the driver will also receive a cancel message. The passenger has the option to cancel the ride within two minutes, without paying any compensation.

10How is the fare estimate?

When passenger enters the pickup point and the drop point, the system calculates the shortest route to be taken and the fare based on this distance.

11How should I purchase Infinite Cab App?

You can purchase Infinite Cab App by submitting contact form or send an email to support@ioss.in with details of your requirements. You will get a response with a detailed quotation within 24 hours. After confirming the quotation, you can pay the amount via International bank /wire transfer, Western Union Money Transfer, MoneyGram, online transfer via xoom.com or www.worldremit.com etc.

12What are the payment modes provided ?

Users can pay by cash or by e-wallet. After completion of trip, users will receive final fare details which can be paid then.

13How can passenger request an instant ride?

For an instant ride, Users can choose the desired cab type from the active Cabs. After booking, user has to wait until the driver accepts the booking. Once booking was accepted by a driver, you will receive a confirmation message and the driver’s information.

14Do you have any additional charges?

Our charges will be based on the pricing plan on our website and the Customization of above modules/packages will be chargeable extra as per the requirement.

15Do I have an option for advance booking?

Yes, Users have the option for booking trips in advance. Select the pick-up location, drop-off location, date, and time of the ride. Booking details will be shown in “Booked trips” menu.

16How can I refer a friend using Infinite Cab App?

Infinite Cab provides the referral program in the default affiliate system. This allows users to refer the taxi app to friends and earn reward points for every download.

17Is Infinite Cab App safe?

Of course, our app is safe. We provide certain options for security integration. Also, users can share their ride details and Estimated Time of Arrival to friend in order to make service more safe and secure.

18How does the App fetch current location of driver/passenger?

After logging into the app, it automatically fetches and moves to your precise location if you permit the application to access location services on your mobile OS. Also, driver has the option to use route map with navigation button.

19What is the use of E-wallet?

Our system provides an e-wallet to every Passenger. They can add an amount to this wallet through admin or driver. When a trip is completed, the passenger can give some extra tip to driver and driver can add it to passenger’s wallet. Passengers can use wallet money for booking a trip.

20How long do I get support after purchase?

Infinite Cab will provide a 6 Month free support after the purchase, However premium support for one year is also available upon paying an additional payment.

21Does Infinite Cab support different languages?

Yes, we support multiple languages.

22Do you allow customisation?

Yes, customization is allowed in the Taxi Software without altering the basic framework of the app.

23If I have more queries, what should I do?

You can contact us for any clarification regarding Infinite Cab app. We provide 24/6 customer support to help you.

24Do I need a credit card while signing up?

No, a credit card is not required while signing up. You can activate your account by using the link sent to your mail id used while signing up.

25What happens after 14-days trial?

With your free trial, you can explore the features of Infinite Cab for 14-days. After your trial period, you can continue using the service by paying using credit card from your dashboard.

26Do you provide a bulk discount?

Yes, contact us on support@ioss.in for the bulk discount for adding more than 18 vehicles to your account.

27Do you provide white label taxi app?

Yes, we do provide a white label taxi app. But Cloud is not a white label taxi app. To get a white label app, you can contact us on support@ioss.in.

28Do you provide installation in our server?

Yes, we do. We preferred a Linux based server for the installation.

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