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White – Labeled Solutions For Bike Taxi Software

Build your own white label bike taxi app with our on-demand dispatch software – Infinite Cab and get started with the bike taxi business.

Infinite Cab – A Perfect Platform For Bike Taxi Management

Infinite Cab is the taxi dispatch software developed by IOSS-Infinite Open Source Solutions, LLP. With our exclusive platform, launch a fully optimized, white-labeled, dedicated, and seamless bike taxi service app for an effective commute service.

Business Model Of Bike Taxi Services

Entrepreneurs are looking to provide real-time solutions for bike taxi services and passengers are always looking for safe, convenient, and faster commuting services. Well developed bike taxi dispatch software enables a full-fledged solution for the bike taxi industry.

Develop Custom Bike Taxi App Solutions

Our skilled taxi app developers build customized bike taxi management software for the emerging bike taxi services in the taxi industry. Entrepreneurs are looking towards a unique and perfect solution for the heavy traffic jams. They started investing in bike taxi services to provide seamless transport services. Experience the potential and the opportunities with our customized bike taxi app services for all the real-time challenges faced by the transport industry.

bike taxi booking  software

The Stakeholders Of Bike Taxi Business Model

There are three stakeholders in the business model of bike taxi services.

Taxi dispatch Software

Customer or Passenger

Customers or passengers utilize bike taxi services to optimize time and money.

Bike Taxi dispatch Software

Driver or Ride Partner

Driver-partners of this business will get connected directly to the passengers to offer the bike taxi services and earn profitable income in this business process.

Bike Taxi dispatch Software

Service App Owner

The owner of the bike taxi business attains revenue via the commissions and marketing campaigns.

The Working Process Of Bike Taxi App

The following are the process to book a bike taxi via the app.

The customer or the passenger will be able to download the app on their smartphone and get registered with their personal information.

After all the verification process and by enabling the GPS, the passengers will be able to book a nearby bike taxi after viewing the fare for the mentioned locations and they can also select the mode of payment.

The bike driver-partner will receive the push notification of the request raised by the passenger. The driver will be either able to accept or reject the request.

Once the request is accepted by the bike driver, the passenger will receive the notifications regarding the driver name, rating, license plate number and more.

Similarly, the driver will be able to view the pickup and drop location of the passenger.

After completing the ride, the amount will be deducted from the passenger’s account and the passenger will be able to share the feedback and provide the rating to the driver.

Features of Bike Taxi Software

A customized bike taxi app solution with all the enriched features equipped to make it a perfect user interface for all the passengers. Look into the exclusive features to experience the seamless bike taxi services.

  • Easy And Convenient Bookings

    Easy and simple process for seamless bookings and get quick confirmations

  • Ride Fare Estimate

    Based on the pickup and the drop location, the fare can be estimated prior to the ride.

  • Estimated Time Of Arrival (ETA)

    Both the driver and the passenger will be able to view the ETA of the overall trip.

  • Flawless Payments

    Passengers will have a different mode of payment methods. Either it can be prepaid or will be able to pay after the ride is completed. The amount will be deducted from the passenger’s account only after the ride is completed.

  • Contract Driver With Call Masking

    Passengers will be able to connect with the driver via call masking feature. It helps to protect passenger’s contact number getting misused.

  • GPS Tracking And Real-Time Updates

    By enabling GPS, both the driver and the passenger will be able to track real-time route, vehicle and can get the status updates.

  • Booking Cancellation

    Based on the trip policy, the cancellation charges are either incurred or exempted.

  • Full-fledged Customer Support

    A ticketing system to support all the customer queries and to enhance customer satisfaction.

  • Effective Rating System

    Passengers can share their ride feedback and rating to enhance the overall service.

  • Update The Ride

    The passengers will be able to update their destination during an active ride.

  • Accept/Reject Ride Request

    The driver will be able to either accept or reject the ride request raised by the passenger.

  • Promo & Referral Reward System

    Loyalty programs can be introduced to the system via promo codes or unique referral codes. Passengers will be able to make use of promo codes to get the discounted fare and can share the referral codes to others to earn the rewards.

  • Admin Fleet Management

    Admin will be able to manage and get the real-time updates of both the passenger and the driver by using the admin module of the fleet management.

  • Ride History

    Passengers will be easily able to view and manage all the upcoming rides and the past ride history.

  • KYC(Know Your Customer) Verification

    The driver information is verified and streamlined
    using KYC format.

  • Demo

    Try the demo to experience the real-time features and services of the bike taxi app.

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