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Drivers can login into Infinite Cab driver app by using their username and password. Driver must register into Infinite Cab through their backend server before using this app. Details will be verified at the time of registrations.

Go Online/Offline

A driver can make him online or offline mode using driver app. Online mode indicates he is ready to receive calls from passengers. Offline mode means he is not ready.

View call from passenger

When a passenger tries to book a trip, the nearest 8 driver’s will get the call alert along with passenger details, from-to locations. The driver can either accept or reject the call.

Accept/Reject call

A driver can either accept or reject the call using driver app. When a driver accepts a call, his detail will be shown in the passenger app. When rejects call, it will automatically pass to next driver.

View passenger location

Driver app can show Passenger’s precise location on the map when a call comes. The driver can use the route map with navigation button.

Trip Cancel

This option allows Both driver and passenger to cancel a trip. A driver cancels the trip for various reasons such as traffic congestion, Roadblock, car damage, or passenger is not found, etc. The passenger will get a notification of cancelled trip on his app when a driver cancels his trip.


Both passenger and driver can rate each other after every trip. Users can rate the driver and vice-versa in star rating and also, can add optional comments. The overall ratings can be viewed in the admin panel.

Driver adds amount to passenger E-Wallet

Driver’s can add cash to passenger wallet. When a trip complete, the passenger’s are provided with an option to transfer some extra money to the driver wallet and driver also has the option to add some money to passenger’s wallet.

Alert/warning sound

When a driver starts the ride without clicking “Start Ride” button, an alert sound will automatically generate from the app. He/she must click that button to stop that alarm.


A driver will get notified if any when he opens the app. Also, Has an option to view notifications by clicking navigation menu “Notification”.

Future trips

The driver will get information about the future trips in navigation menu Item “Future Trips”. When a passenger booked a trip for future, the admin will verify and assign a driver. The assigned driver will get notified instantly. And He must click “start” button before the trip starts.

View profile

When a driver selects option “Profile”, he can see his registered details.

My trips

This menu shows a list of all rides completed by that driver. Each ride includes a details information on the date of the ride, time, Passenger Name, From-To locations and the fare.

My earnings

This page shows total earnings of the driver. The amount credited by admin will show separately. In general, there is two type of commissions for the driver, Ride commission, and referral commission. Ride commission is the specific percentage of ride fare. Referral commission is the commission earned by referring a friend.

About us

Page provide for describing organizations details and also an option to make a phone call to company support.

Refer a Friend

This feature enables drivers to refer a friend to use this app. Our system generates a referral code for every driver registered. they will earn points if a newly referred friend uses their referral code for registration.


Driver App provides an option to sign out of drivers account.

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Phone No : (91) 495-2520430