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Quick Guide : Admin Panel

The admin controls the overall mechanism of the ride, including the request by the passenger and the response of the driver to the passenger requests. Download the Infinite cab app. You can log onto the admin panel by entering the username and password and clicking Enter Key. Once you are logged in, you can see the admin dashboard.

taxi software admin panel

Admin Panel Dashboard

On the Dashboard, the entire business is summarised into the screen. The admin can see his drivers and their location on the map. The drivers who are ready to take the next trip are marked in blue while the ones offline are marked in red. The total number of trips and the cash flow is indicated on the right and are updated real time. On the left side of the dashboard, the admin can see a list of features. On the bottom of the dashboard, booked trips, cancelled trips and online users are shown. Also, the fare details are tabulated at the bottom including the cab type, fare per km, minimum fare, minimum distance and waiting fare. you can see the admin dashboard.

taxi dispatch software admin panel

Trip details

The active trips, booked trips and completed trips are shown along with the driver’s name, passenger’s name, distance, fare, date, start time and end time for each trip. The admin can also search for a particular driver or passenger by name.

Active Trips

Shows The Full Details Of Active Trips. Here You Can Export The Details To Excel Document.

Completed Trips

Shows Full Details Of Completed Trips And Also Export It To Excel Document.

Booked Trips

Shows The Details Of Booked Trips.

Desklog Dashboard

Driver Management

The admin can enroll new drivers, view drivers’ documents and update them, accept/reject driver registration requests coming from the driver’s app, change the password of a particular driver, Block/Unblock ( Activate/ Deactivate) a particular driver.

Enroll new driver

Register New Drivers With Their Basic Information And Banking Information.

All drivers

Shows Every Driver. And Option For Viewing Their Full Details. Here You Can Search The Drivers.

Change password

Option For Changing Passwords Of Drivers.

Passenger Management

The passengers can also be managed just like how the drivers are managed. You can see and update the details of a particular passenger, see the referrals of a particular passenger, change the password of a particular passenger or Block/Unblock a particular passenger.

All passengers

Shows Every passenger. And Option For Viewing Their Full Details. Here You Can Search The passengers.

Passengers rating

Shows The Passengers Ratings With Their Names,Total Trips,Status.

My referrals

Shows Every Passenger’s Referrals.It Shows The Referred User Details For Every Driver. Here You Can Select The Passenger.

Change password

Option For Changing Passwords Of Passengers.

Desklog Dashboard

Cab Management

The admin can add a new cab, see and update the details of a particular cab and activate/deactivate a particular cab.

Cab type management

Option For adding new cabs with cab type, short name, and logo. It also shows all the cabs and options for editing and archive/unarchives

E-wallet Management

Under this feature, the admin can add and deduct funds from a particular driver or passenger. He can also see the e-wallet transaction history of a particular driver or passenger.

Add/deduct fund

Option for selecting user and add or deduct the E-wallet fund with transaction note

Customer ewallet history

Shows the customer Ewallet contain date,amount type(credit/debit, referral point, trip payment) and e-wallet balance

Desklog Dashboard
Desklog Dashboard


The admin can send broad notification that is received by the entire list of drivers and passengers or he can opt for send the notification for a select group of drivers and passengers.

Driver notifications

Option for send message for full or selected Drivers with message expiring date.

Passenger notifications

Option for send message for full or selected Passenger with message expiring date.

Coupon Management

The admin can see the currently active coupons and add new coupons.

Coupon generation

Option for generating new coupons with name,amount, expiry date, and count.

Coupon list

Shows every coupon with their details.option for sorting active and inactive coupons

Desklog Dashboard
Desklog Dashboard


Trip history report

Shows complete trip history between two selected dates. Also, an option for export to excel document

Active trip report

Shows complete report for active trips. Also, option for export to excel document

Cancelled trips

Shows complete report for Canceled trips. Also, an option for export to excel document

Trip request rejects

Shows report for Trip Request Rejects. Also, Option for export to excel document

Company Profile

This feature allows the admin to set configuration such as Level Configuration, Support Contact Number, Currency Details, Content regarding About Us,terms and conditions applicable to the driver and passengers, the company logo, Trip Cancel Notification, email of admin, password reset of admin, editing the admin profile,change the transaction password, level commission activation status etc.

Support contact settings

Option to set support contact for both passenger and Drivers

Desklog Dashboard

Income Details

Income generated is displayed here. You can view it in categories like total income generated from drivers, total income generated from the passengers, etc

Surge Management

The surges in prices can be controlled from here. Option to control surge, listed out Drivers and passengers inside a created surge,option to view their details and status.

Referral Point Settings

The passenger earns points for each referral that he/she makes and this is set here. Option for setting Referral

Employee Management

The admin has the option to register a new employee, site menu permission to each employee and see the activity history of all the employees.

Profile Updates

The admin can close all those trips that has exceed the time.

Breakage Wallet

Here, the admin can see the e-wallet breakage details of a particular driver or passenger.


For the admin to log out from Infinite Cab.

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