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Infinite Cab management software/taxi dispatch software is an innovative extension of mobile-centric creativity from Infinite Open Source Solutions LLP, a premier Software, Web panel and mobile application development industry from India. From our proficiency of 8 years in the industry inspired us to develop more aggressive and superior work of art that can predominate every challenges & necessity of present-day technology aided enterprises through the integration of quality, innovation & trust. If you are looking for a seamless taxi dispatch software, Infinite Cab management software & mobile application is the cutting-edge initiative that can simplify your dispatch operations.

To boost your business across the globe, we provide multiple add-on features along with inbuilt service. Additionally, our software is supportive of customization for any clientele needs. Get the complete taxi dispatch software solutions that are extremely dynamic, responsive and customer-centric. Our Cab Management software is an excellent way to start and retain your taxi service. Get your everyday tasks streamlined with the full distinctness of your entire process. Gain your digital presence across the world and generate an increased ROI with the mobile apps.

Features of Infinite Cab

Infinite Cab, an uber like taxi app is a comprehensive taxi dispatch software solution that gives you the audacity to put up an enterprise level transportation business. Our feature-rich package is the best way to surpass the adversity and competitiveness of contemporary business ecosystem. We extend the excellent features of taxi dispatch software for smooth & reliable business functioning that results in a dynamic conversion and eventual the transformation of your business to a new dimension. Our uber clone app and dispatch software comprise an efficient mobile application for passengers to book taxis, a powerful driver application to perform passenger requests and a fully featured and well-organized admin panel to monitor the entire process.

Monitor your Business

Monitor and Manage all aspects of Dispatchers

✓ Efficient Monitoring

✓ Activity Reports & Analytics

✓ Resource Management

✓ Real-time Vehicle Tracking

Get more Passengers on Board

The must-have features help drivers to boost Taxi Business

✓ Trip Management

✓ Daily Reports

✓ Booking alerts

✓ Driver Referrals

Get ride in just a single Tap

The easy Cab Booking with real-time updates, fare estimates, and auto fare calculator makes your ride easy and comfortable

✓ Easy Booking

✓ Ride details

✓ Fare calculator

✓ E-wallet management


The steps involved in the working of Infinite Cab Software is as follows, In the very first step a passenger books a cab through infinite cab booking software by providing all the necessary information required for processing the request. In the next step, all drivers will receive the request from passenger and the nearby driver will accept the request and the passenger will get an automatic message including the driver's profile and the estimated arrival time and fare to reach the destination. Find more information about the working of Infinite Cab Booking Software just by clicking on read more...


Broad reception of uber-like taxi app creates an evolution in the mobile app-based transportation business. Mobile app developers, across the globe prefer to move their perspective more towards the on-demand taxi dispatch software e-hailing apps. Cab management software offers a managing interface where the taxi company can control and access all bookings and customer information. Meanwhile, mobile app development came across to many technologies that have inspired to look for a convenient and comfortable service providers to boost the cab business with no surge pricing. We present infinite sparkling reasons to choose our Infinite Cab management software, a comprehensive solution for your cab business.


    Lets users an opportunity to earn reward points through referring apps to friends.


    Admins can grants some privilege points to passengers as rewards based on their completed trips.


    This feature entitles users some extra bonus point through the activities of referred friends.


    Designed in a simple and user-friendly manner to acquaint every class of people.


    Our Premier Taxi mobile app is second to none for its speed, effectiveness, and hassle-free.


    Infinite Cab management software is the product of top-notch security integration.


    • Admin Web Panel
    • Driver Web Panel
    • Passenger Web Panel
    • Driver Android App
    • Passenger Android App
    • Basic Features
    • Passenger iOS App
    • Driver iOS App

    • Admin Web Panel
    • Driver Android App
    • Passenger Android App
    • Driver Web Panel
    • Passenger Web Panel
    • Standard Features
    • Passenger iOS App
    • Driver iOS App

    • Admin Web Panel
    • Driver Android App
    • Passenger Android App
    • Passenger iOS App
    • Driver Web Panel
    • Passenger Web Panel
    • Standard+ Features
    • Driver iOS App

    • Admin Web Panel
    • Driver Android App
    • Passenger Android App
    • Passenger iOS App
    • Driver Web Panel
    • Passenger Web Panel
    • Advanced Features
    • Driver iOS App


Our Infinite cab management software is applicable for a broader class taxi Automotives. Go through the below one by one and choose your taxi business..


Taxi Dispatch Software
Taxi Management Software
Infinite CAB
Taxi App
Taxi booking software
Cab Mangement Software
Fleet Mangemnt App

Infinite Cab
I always thought that people used to pay much for quality. But these guys changed my opinion. The quality exceeds the price many times. I recommend it to everybody.

Wayne Green

Optilife, Australia
Ample of Taxi software are available in the world market. But " Best is always one". Best Taxi Booking Software is not only evaluated based on the features included in it but it highly depends on the Quality of service and commitment that they deliver to clients. I can proudly say that I'm one of the satisfied customer among the thousands of customers that Infinite cab has!

William White

I have to say Infinite Cab is a perfect Taxi Dispatch Software that I ever came to know after trying out different cab booking software for my Taxi Business. The main attraction of Infinite Cab is that they never compromise on the quality of service and they always stick on to the latest technology and I believe that, obviously it will help people like me to run the business successfully

David Arellano

Infinite Cab
The team Infinite cab are awesome. The best in the market place. I liked the level of services. I confidentially recommend them.

Sipho Martin

Suagra, South Africa
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Driver App

Passenger App

Taxi Dispatch Software


  • Driver can login using his username and password.
  • Driver must register through his backend server before using this app.
  • Details will be verified at the time of registration
Taxi Driver App

Set Status

  • A driver can make him online or offline mode.
  • Online mode indicates he is ready to receive calls from passengers.
  • Offline mode means he is not ready.
  • The driver can set his profile with profile pictures and mobile number that will be visible to passengers.
  • Driver's location will be automatically updated on the Google map.
Taxi App


  • A driver can either accept or reject the call.
  • When he accepts a call, his detail will be shown in the passenger app.
  • When he rejects call, it will automatically pass to next driver.
Cab App

Pick Up / Trip Cancel

  • Picks the passenger and clicks "start ride".
  • Both driver and passenger can cancel a trip.
  • The passenger will receive a cancellation message on his app When a driver cancels his trip.
Cab Management Software

Get paid

  • -- Drops the passenger at the destination. Clicks "End Trip".
  • -- Automated fare calculation.
  • -- Cash or E-Wallet payment is processed upon completion of the trip.
Taxi Software


  • -- Both passenger and driver can rate each other after every trip along with the comments.
Taxi Dispatch Software

Refer a friend

  • -- Driver can refer a friend to use this app and he will earn points.
Taxi Mobile App


  • Register using a username, name, password, mobile number, and E-mail.
Cab App

Current location

  • Our app enables to locate passenger's current location.
  • Choose a pickup location using Google map.
Taxi Dispatch Software


  • The confirmed taxi can be viewed approaching towards pickup point in the Google map.
  • The passenger can track ongoing journey upon Google map.
  • The passenger has the option to call the driver.
Uber Like App

Request Instant Ride

  • Users can book the trip by selecting pick up location. without mentioning a drop off location.
Taxi Booking App


  • Once booking was accepted by a driver, a passenger will receive a confirmation message and the drivers information.
Taxi Booking Software

Book Future Trip

  • Users can book trips for the future purpose.
  • The user must book the trip before 3 hours and also, choose the pick-up location, drop-off location, date, and time of the ride.
  • Booking details will be shown in "Booked trips" menu.
Uber Clone

Payment Mode

  • Users can pay "By Cash" or "By E-Wallet".
Taxi Dispatch Software


  • Both passenger and driver can rate each other after every trip.

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